31 Killed In Turkish Airstrike In Syria

Turkish air attacks killed at least 31 people in northern Syria overnight, largely in sites controlled by Syrian Kurdish troops, according to a war monitoring group headquartered in the United Kingdom.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, almost 25 strikes targeted Raqa, Hassakeh, and Aleppo provinces, killing 18 members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, 12 members of Syria’s military, and one journalist.

Meanwhile, the autonomous Kurdish administration in northeastern Syria reported 29 fatalities, including 11 civilians, 15 combatants linked with Syria’s military, two silo guards, and one Kurdish fighter.
Turkey said the strikes were against outlawed Kurdish militant organization the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) facilities in northern Syria and Iraq, which it claimed were used to undertake “terrorist” assaults on Turkish land.

The offensive, codenamed Operation Claw-Sword, comes a week after a blast in central Istanbul that killed six people and wounded 81.

The strikes in Syria mainly targeted the northern city of Kobane and its surroundings near the Turkish border, including grain silos near Al-Malikiyah in the northeast and a power plant in an area under the control of the SDF.