39 Dead people found in a truck were Chinese Nationals — UK Police say

UK Police cordon the truck found carrying Dead bodies | PHOTO COURTESY

BY LILIAN MUNTHEU – The 39 people found dead in a refrigerated trailer in  Essex are now believed to be Chinese nationals.

The driver of the lorry has been identified as Mo Robinson, 25, and is being interrogated by the police on what they now believe to be one of UK’s biggest murder inquiries.

The national crime unit believes that organized crime played a major role in the murder of the eight women and 31men and has raided two houses in connection to the murders.

Police Officers say that the tractor unit (front part of the trailer) entered the country through Holyhead in Wales on Sunday having traveled from Dublin and have been working around the clock to solve the case but have confirmed that it is going to be a lengthy, complicated international process due to the nature of the case.

The lorry was moved to a secure place in Tilbury Docks to allow for a peaceful investigation and to give the victims the utmost dignity during this process.

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