BY FAITH MUTETE – Today the cabinet secretary for industry, trade and cooperatives Hon.Peter Munya  held a press release at NSSF building concerning the current status and reforms to be implemented In the Kenya farmers association limited.

This comes following a directive from the president for the CS to take over operations in kfa that has been dormant and is in the verge of collapsing.

At its peak KFA was responsible for providing affordable farm inputs to farmers ,creating economies of scale, organizing marketing and provision of affordable credit to farmers ,but for the longest time it has been unable to perform its duties.

The institution is highly indebted to financial institutions, has not audited its financial statements and despite there being a former board the board has failed in its responsibilities.

Due to these failures the cs has come up with reforms geared to rising KFA which include

  1. Dissolving of the former board and appointing a caretaker board that will meet this week to discuss vital issues concerning KFA.
  2. The care taker board appointed will be in office for a period of six months and some of its responsibilities will be
  3. Verification of the assets and liabilities of KFA
  4. Supporting the government to restructure KFA
  5. Updating the books of accounts
  6. Reviewing and amending the bylaws of KFA
  7. Cleaning up the members register

The CS also stated that he was hopeful that KFA would soon go back to its days of glory.