Anti- Corruption Officers grill Manduku, KPA Managers over Inflation of costs in Mombasa, Kisumu Ports Expansion

Will Manduku and fellow KPA Managers spend their first day in police cells after 6 hour grilling by the DCI?

After an exclusive Uzalendo news exposé dived into the parastatal’s alleged misdoings after President Uhuru Kenyatta threw the KPA bosses under the George Kinoti bus, authorities investigating a possible inflation of costs.

According to reports, the investigations will be expected to answer to questions regarding the expansion and capacity buildin at Mombasa and Kisumu, whose costs were allegedly inflated, among other graft charges surrounding the tender process of relocating Kilindini Oil Terminal.

The Kinoti bus is expected to crash them anytime before the close of the day, 10th September 2019.