Seth Mahiga, secretary of the Kenyan Atheists, resigned after discovering Jesus.

Mahiga, who had been a member of the organization for a year and a half, resigned on Saturday evening.
Mumia congratulated him for his dedicated service to society.

Atheists in Kenya Society has since announced a vacancy for the secretary position inviting interested Kenyans to apply.

Mumia also asked Kenyans who do not believe in Jesus Christ to apply for the organization’s empty post.

According to a 2020 census estimate, 755,750 Kenyans do not believe in the presence of God.

According to the research, Kilifi County has the most non-believers, with 146,669, followed by Nakuru (67,640).
Only a minority of the non-believers have joined Harrison Mumia’s group, since they are afraid of being stigmatized.