Crypto investors have been watching with bated breath as the values of several cryptocurrencies have fluctuated dramatically, hitting record high and low levels in the previous seven days.

While many market analysts regarded this as a necessary market correction, investors reported losses, rage, and an inability to deal successfully across platforms.

Bitcoin dropped 8.9 percent to $34,156 at 1000 GMT on Sunday, a loss of $3,344.54 from its previous closing.

Bitcoin, the world’s largest and most well-known cryptocurrency, is down 47.4 percent from its April 14 high of $64,895.22.

Ether, the cryptocurrency tied to the ethereum blockchain network, fell 11.5 percent to $2,031.96 on Sunday, a decline of $264.35 from its previous closing.

The only green shoots seen were from the cryptocurrency Tether, which increased 0.09 percent in the previous week to trade steadily above $1.