Blow To Ruto As CAS Jobs Face Legal ‘Roadblock’

President William Ruto’s bid to appoint Chief Administrative Secretaries has faced a huge blow after a court stated that it has jurisdiction to hear the case filed by LSK.

The Labour Court has stated that it has jurisdiction to hear LSK’s complaint challenging the creation of the Chief Administrative Secretary position.

Monica Mbaru, an Employment and Labour judge, dismissed an objection submitted by the Attorney General and the Public Service Commission, which questioned her authority over the subject.

Such concerns, according to Mbaru, cannot be removed from her court since they are directly tied to work and labor relations.

“The procedure of establishing the CAS office is being disputed, and the petitioner (LSK) is before the appropriate venue to explain its position,” she added.

On September 7, the Law Society of Kenya filed a petition requesting that the process for establishing the Chief Administrative Secretary be initiated.

According to LSK, the lack of clarity on the intended office of the CAS prevents the public from commenting on the prospect of a job duplication between the principal secretary and the CAS.

Further, LSK states that any deception would result in a waste of public cash in pay and associated expenditures.