Bobbi wine rejects the presidential results as Museveni leads in the election

Presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobbi Wine rejects the presidential results which were relayed by the electoral commission. He claimed that he had won the elections even when the results were showing Museveni as the lead.

“I am very confident we defeated the dictator by far and I call upon the Ugandans to reject the blackmail.

We have certainly won the election and we have won it by afar .the people of Uganda voted massively for change of leadership from a dictatorship to a democratic government.

But Museveni is trying to paint a picture that he is the lead .what a joke.” said Bobbi Wine.

Bobbi wine also went on to say that the Media houses were ordered not to report any election irregularities and that the military was deployed in the newsrooms and also that the electoral commission is under the orders of Yoweri Museveni