Brooklyn Subway Shooting Suspect Arrested

New York City Police Department officers arrest subway shooting suspect Frank R. James, 62, in the East Village section, of New York, Wednesday, April 13, 2022. The man accused of shooting multiple people on a Brooklyn subway train was arrested Wednesday and charged with a federal terrorism offense after a daylong manhunt and a tipster's call brought police to him on a Manhattan street. (AP Photo/Meredith Goldberg)

Suspected Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James was arrested today in New York’s East Village neighborhood, officials say, after police received a tip.

Frank James called in the tip to the police and told them he was at a McDonald’s on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the sources confirmed.

At an earlier news conference Wednesday, an NYPD official said the tip indicated the suspect was at a McDonald’s on 6th Street and 1st Avenue.

Police responded to the McDonald’s and did not find James, the police official said.

But upon driving around they spotted him on the corner of St. Marks Place and 1st Avenue and arrested him, officials said at the news conference.

Ten people were shot at a Brooklyn subway station Tuesday, officials said. Authorities said the suspect put on a gas mask, deployed a gas canister and then began shooting, firing at least 33 times.

James has so far been charged with violating a law that prohibits terrorist and other violent attacks against a mass transportation system, according to the US attorney. He will be arraigned in federal court.

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