Businessman Linked To Sh 391Million Theft To Know His Fate On November 24

The court has set 24th of November 2023 as the D-day for the Rwandan-based investor to Kenya, Desire to know the way forward of his more than Ksh 391 million already frozen in the accounts of Kirimi Koome a suspect in the Ksh 391 million theft.

Today, Magistrate BenMark Ekhubi slated the trial of Kirimi Koome, the former director of Stay Online Limited to November 24.

In the case, Lawyer Danstan Omari representing the Complainant, Desire Muhiyunza informed the Court that the prosecution had agreed to have some of the witnesses based in Estonia testify virtually to ensure the case proceeds expeditiously to avoid unnecessary adjournments of the case and ensure the complainant (Desire Muhiyunza) gets justice and opportunity to invest his money frozen in the bank accounts of the suspect.

The magistrate has so far extended orders freezing Kirimi Koome’s accounts to protect the said funds from being withdrawn before the court could establish the rightful owner of the money.

In the case, the suspect, Kirimi Koome the former Director of Stay Online Limited is charged with allegedly stealing Ksh 391 million belonging to Desire Muhiyunza.

According to the complainant, the money was intended to be invested in Kenyan Stay Online Limited business, a business the complainant believes will be able to employ thousands of Kenyans who will be able to earn a living by selling their products in the comfort of their houses using their smartphones or laptops.

Koome, the accused, was a director of Stay Online Limited and he faces criminal charges of conspiring with others yet to be arrested to defraud the Desire Muhiyunza a Rwandan-based businessman USD 2,619,583.27 (approximately Sh 391million).

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Koome’s accounts believed to be containing the Ksh 391 million and domiciled at Equity Bank Limited in Meru were frozen on September 18, 2023.