Cameroon President’s Daughter Comes Out, Challenges Anti-LGBT Laws

Written By Lisa Murimi

Brenda Biya, daughter of Cameroon’s long-serving President Paul Biya, has publicly come out as a lesbian, aiming to challenge her country’s laws banning same-sex relations.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Brenda, 27, expressed hope that her revelation would inspire others facing similar challenges.

Her Instagram post showing her kissing Brazilian model Layyons Valença sparked diverse reactions in Cameroon. Brenda acknowledged that she hadn’t informed her family beforehand, emphasizing the importance of her public declaration in advocating for change.

“I find the anti-gay law unfair, and I hope that my story will change it,” Brenda stated, highlighting the impact of Cameroon’s legislation that predates her father’s presidency.

While Brenda received support and criticism, including from her family, she remains determined to advocate for LGBT rights. Same-sex relations in Cameroon are illegal, punishable by imprisonment.

Human rights groups have praised Brenda’s courage, though some question whether her privilege shields her from the law’s harsher impacts on others. The government has not officially commented on Brenda’s announcement, citing it as a private matter.