Catholic Church warns over Uhuru succession tension

Dominic Kimengich
Rt. Rev Dominic Kimengich of Eldoret Diocese

The Catholic Church wants politicians to tone down their utterances in the wake of heightened succession tension in Kenya- By Harry Kimoli

Bishop Dominic Kimengich of Eldoret Diocese said the needless tension was being created over who will succeed Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022. Kimengich compared the current scenario that played out prior to the chaotic 2007 election and said time to stop is now.

“If we don’t put all our energies in fighting the coronavirus pandemic then we might have no one to rule in 2022. Let us not open the wounds of 2007/8 post-election violence, ” Rt.Rev.Dominic Kimengich-Bishop of Eldoret said.

The stern leader has urged politicians to steer clear of the debate, urging them to treat the succession debate with caution. He said the focus of everyone now should be on the fight against Covid-19.

Prior to the disputed presidential elections in 2007, rallies and name-calling was the order of the day, this culminated in Kenya’s ugliest political history, as more than 1,000 Kenyans lost their lives.

Religious leaders say that Kenya has come along way to heal the wounds of the post election violence, and no politician should be allowed to edge the nation towards a repeat of the violence.

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