Ngong diocese launches anti-corruption campaign at the Cathedral

The Catholic Church anti graft war went a notch higher yesterday as more than 50 priests took indivindual vows to fight graft.

The entire Episcal council of Bishops are leading the war, in a timetable that spans six months.

They want the Catholic faithful, the entire Christian family and other religious groups to join the Church in the war on graft.

The Church has already barred its faithful from contributing cash…in an effort to ensure that sources of donations are monitored.

The Bishops are now targetting the youth and will soon conduct mini launches in all public universities.

In the graft war, the Bishops have established strong linkages with Community based organizations through all the Parishes countrywide.

Bishops have also roped in small christian communities also known as Jumuias and county Governments.

All priests were present. They also recited the commitments.