Clergy Asks To Supervise Relief Food Distribution

Written By Monica Makali || 

The clergy is now advocating for the food to be directed directly to the church for equal and fair distribution. 

During a food distribution exercise at Kyamwe ACK in Kathiani Machakos County, church officials from ACK and Lavington United Church stated that some individuals have taken advantage of the free food contributions, denying the underprivileged families an opportunity to get the food. 

However, they cautioned recipients of food aid not to sell it and instead to make good use of it.

Regarding the GMO dispute, Canon Florence Musila, vicar of Kyamwe Parish, stated that there is no indication of GMO in the rural population, necessitating the need for greater advocacy programs to inform people. 

The contributions were received by a total of 100 households, which included 250 members.