Coast woman fears for her life after exposing Love affair with Lamu senator

Ms Hanifa (Left) , Lamu Senator Loitiptip Anwar. Hanifa accuses Anwar of threatening to kill her for 'exposing' the relationship | PHOTO COURTESY

BY FAITH MUTETE – A coastal resident MS Hanifa says she doesn’t want to end up like the late Sharon after claiming to have been in a relationship with Lamu senator Anwar Loitiptip and accusing him of abandoning her after she got pregnant

Hanifa also accuses the senator of threatening to take her dear life.

Ms Hanifa claims that they met through Facebook when the Senator reached out to her. At first, she says she had no idea who he was and whether or not his claims of being a senator were true and after a video chat, she got convinced that he was who he was claiming to be.

She says that as she was in Nairobi, taking her15-year-old daughter to school, the senator contacted her and asked for a meet up at Thika road mall which is near his residence. She claims that she waited for him and he showed up late at 8 pm asking her to join him in his residence since it was late.

At first, I protested as I had no extra clothes but after he offered to buy me everything I ended up in his home and soon softened up and begun a relationship with him.

Things seemed to be going well for her only to receive a call one day from the senator that he wouldn’t be coming home since he had a meeting in Kisumu, following that conversation she decided to go back home to Mombasa to her sister since she could not live in the house alone.

The two agreed to meet after the senator was back but unfortunately she never heard from him again only to find out that three weeks later she was pregnant.

“When I informed him, he became hostile towards me. I decided that I would keep my baby,” she said. MS Were further said she feared for her life as she three-time spotted people close to Mr. Loitiptip outside her house

MS Were said Mr. Loitiptip then started sending her messages on Facebook Messenger, asking her to stay away from his family.

Asked whether he sent the messages, the senator said he did due to the need to protect his family from a woman who wanted to ruin it, and he denied all allegations claiming that the woman only wanted to force issues and love that was impossible.

The senator also says that he only dated the woman for one week and ended things as soon as he realized the relationship was not heading anywhere.

He also says that he has no time to fight a woman with politics in his hands.