BY PRUDENCE WANZA – High court has rejected a request by Muthithi investment company limited and Marble Arc Hotel to reconstruct a perimeter wall around a property in dispute with Nairobi County Government.

The application was made before High court judge Bernard Eboso. The court also declined to allow orders sought by the Hotel and the company directing the county government to approve the development they submitted to allow them restore the perimeter wall at the said property located within the CBD.
The county government rejected the application in grounds that the land was a public utility parking.
Marble Arc Hotel has been using the grabbed land as a parking lot for its guests. In December the county government demolished the perimeter wall.
The hotel argues that they are the genuine registered owners of the disputed land.
The parking lot and the public toilet near the hotel are said to be built on land owned by the Nairobi County Fire Station.
In his affidavit, the owner of the said hotel, businessman Mike Maina said the demolition of the wall by the county has affected his business since its guests no longer enjoy privacy and security as before.
Maina once stormed a 20 acre piece of land in Kayole, Nairobi with bulldozers after he failed to force Nairobi Water Company to remove all piping and sewer lines from the property.
In 2018, the county embarked on a campaign to reclaim grabbed parking bays within the CBD and has since then repossessed over 200 parking slots.
Governor Mike Sonko put on notice all land grabbers in the city warning that buildings on grabbed public land will also be demolished.
He added that there is no room for land grabbers in Nairobi and his administration will not relent on its quest to reclaim grabbed land in his County as promised during his campaign.
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