Shaikh Furqan Hussain has been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment with alternative fine of 4.5M after he was found guilty of trafficking in 9 foreign girls.

Mr. Furqan is the owner of Balle balle bar (strippers club) in parklands, was arrested for recruiting 1 Parkistan and 8 Napalese girls for purposes of sexual exploitation and abuse.

The incident was dated 19 February and July 2018, when he was found to have confiscated their passports.

The females whose passports show they entered the nation on tourist visas were able to get their papers in order in just four months.

Thousands more continue to experience the same cycle of bondage and modern-day slavery as Mujra (a sort of Indian dance usually done to entertain men) dancers, often with the full knowledge and participation of those who are supposed to protect them.

Compiled By Meshack Makau