COVID-19: Mombasa closes two schools after 15 teachers tested positive

star of the sea

Two secondary schools in Mombasa County have been forced to close down for two weeks, after 15 teachers were confirmed to be COVID-19 positive.

The two schools, Tononoka Secondary School and Star of the Sea Secondary school, had to cancel examinations for their candidates to avoid further contamination of the virus.

Star of the Sea reported 11 cases of the Coronavirus among its teaching fraternity, while Tononoka reported 4 cases.

The incident now casts a shadow on the state’s move to reopen lerning centers, as therisk of contracting the lethal virus is higher among children. This is attributed to children’s inability to maintain social distancing while they are a learning.

Kenya has been on high alert over the rising cases of the virus, barely two weeks after the state lifted some precautions that restricted public gatherings and crowding.

So far the country has confirmed over 46,000 cases of the virus, with 858 deaths being reported since the pandemic was reported in the country.