Crisis: Oil Companies Blamed For Hoarding Fuel

Written By Mary Wambua 📝

The fuel shortage has now entered its fourth day, with the regulator accusing oil marketers of hording ahead of the monthly fuel review.

“We have adequate stocks but we suspect some dealers may be hoarding waiting for the announcement of this month’s maximum pump prices,” Energy Regulatory Commission director Joe Ng’ang’a said on Tuesday.

The maximum pump prices for this month are expected to be announced on Thursday.

Since Saturday, there has been a shortage of primarily super fuel, as most petrol stations in the city do not sell super. Both diesel and kerosene are widely available.

“I have been to petrol stations on Thika Road but I could not get super and drove to Westlands. I wasn’t lucky there but told me to go to Limuru Road where I found some,” motorist Joram Gitaka said.

“We don’t have fuel, try elsewhere,” an attendant at a station on Haile Selassie Avenue said. He could not explain why they were not selling super petrol.

An attendant at a station on Kenyatta Avenue said they expected supplies to be delivered Tuesday night.

Most motorists, especially in Nairobi, are queueing at the few petrol stations where super is available.

Mr. Ng’ang’a attributed the shortage to increased fuel use after prices fell recently.

He also added that there might be traders who want to buy stocks for speculation.

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