Malindi Honors Top KCSE Candidates

Written By Ramadhan Kambi  📝

Malindi was a beehive of activities as some of this year’s KCSE best performers went to the street to celebrate.

There were celebrations in the resort town in Kilifi County after two girls from different families scored A’s in the just-released results of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. 

The two, Lucy Dafano and Pamela Agunga who are both 17 years old scored A Plain and A- minus respectively and their families could not hide their joy as they sang and danced songs of victory at their homes expressing their pride in the girls’ performances.

Dafano was carried high as her mother Grace Laika, family members and relatives celebrated and thanked God for making the family proud with her performance.

She got 83 points with an A-minus in English, A plain in Kiswahili, Maths, Biology, Physics, History, Art, and B plus in Chemistry. 

Dafano who schooled at Moi girls Eldoret attributed her success to hard work.

She however said the journey was not that easy considering the fact that their learning was suspended at a certain time due to the Covid-19 pandemic forcing her to do online classes and study at home during the period.

“I am truly grateful, I lack words. I thank God honestly it was just a long journey considering the fact that during our time the four-year course we had to break for Covid and all those other factors having online classes through all those obstacles am truly grateful that it was worth all the efforts,” she said.

Dafano thanked her parents, teachers, support staff and friends for the support and for everyone who helped in one way or another to enable her to pass.

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She wants to study architecture so as to help bring sustainable development in that sector in her country.

On the other hand, Agunga a student of Loreto girls high school could not hide her joy as family members, relatives and friends joined her in dance and songs after learning that she had scored an A-minus.

They converged at her home in Central area of Malindi town and thanked God for the achievement.

She scored 76 in English, B plus in Kiswahili, A plain in Maths, A Minus in Biology, B plain in Chemistry, B plus in History, B plain in CRE and A in Business.

During the interview, she told journalists that she did not expect to get an A-minus but a B plus and thanked God for enabling her to score such good results.

“I thank my teachers, my parents; dad and mum they always encouraged me that I could do it and I tried all my best and I’mhappy that I got an A Minus,” she said adding that she aspires to study a Bachelor of Medicine in Surgery at the University of Nairobi.

For her there were no major challenges during her four-year secondary education period except for waking up early in the morning.

Grace Laika the mother of Dafano thanked her daughter for making the family proud by getting A Plain in KCSE.

She said during the KCPE Dafano still excelled by scoring 423 marks and now the family was happy again about the achievement.

“I want to give glory to God because it’s not easy achieving all she has, when she was in class eight, she made me proud by scoring 423 marks so I do not take it for granted,” she said.

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Pamela Agunga, the mother of Agunga also said she was proud of her marks as they did not expect her to achieve that high grade.

“I give thanks to all her teachers and especially her dad he has been very courageous to her and the family as a whole we are very proud of her,” she said.