Darassa Rants Against Clout-Chasing Bongo Artists

Tanzanian singer song writer Sharif Darassa is calling upon his fellow artists to focus on producing quality music and avoid doing things that are aimed at showing off. – By Stephanie Mwangi.

The artists went on to say that most musicians are doing very absurd things and tend to forget that music as an industry needs to be respected.

He goes on to say that lately musicians are taking the music industry for granted and that the current artists in the music industry are there for showoff.

“nowadays some artists take music as if it’s a joke that is, they take it the way they want it ,today you will be surprised to see it mixed up with women ,relationships ,sometimes its luxury cars “

He urges the artists to give music the respect it deserves and that show off is not good at all and if they are in it for clout then they should just quit and let those passionate about music thrive.