Davido and Burna Boy get physical in Ghana

The two Nigerian superstars were in a club in Ghana when things didn’t go so well .it was alleged that the two of them were engaged in a dispute   at a club in Ghana.

The two are known to be throwing shaded at each other for the longest time on social media and now it’s no longer news that the two don’t see each other eye to eye. So now they left the social media and actually meant face to face.

People present in the club say that it was Burna Boy who made a move at Davido at the club and then the fight erupted

Some even say blows were exchanged between the two groups.  And Davido got so angry that he and his associates had to leave the club and they were so angry.

Some saw the moment as a David and Goliath African version story.

Some even went to say that the night was cut short because the two of them didn’t know how to act

Sometime back during an interview Davido was asked about his rivalry between him and Wizkid and he said the first time they met was when his father invited him to Christmas yearly party and his family member including him hyped Davido. Then the rivalry began when he started music and people started pitting them against each other