DCI: Gaucho Should File His Claims On Police Assault With IPOA

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has stated that self-proclaimed ghetto President Calvince Okoth aka Gaucho should have filed a complaint with the Independent Police Ombudsman Authority (IPOA) regarding accusations of being beaten by an officer while in detention at Kilileshwa Police Station.

DCI officer Geoffrey Mwangi has chastised Gaucho for going to court rather than exhausting all other means available under the law for dealing with police misconduct.

In response to Gaucho’s plea, Mwangi states that a formal complaint should have been submitted to the National Police Service’s Internal Affairs Unit, or IPOA, to have the matter investigated because it is a complaint against the alleged conduct of an officer.

He stated that “while this court has powers to summon the said office, the application by Gaucho is an attempt to improperly drag this court into an arena of investigations which mandate belongs to other competent authorities.”

Gaucho in his application before the court sought to have the officer commanding the station at Kilileshwa and another DCI officer summoned to court to give an explanation as to why they assaulted him on July 20 this year while in cells.

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