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Friday, September 17, 2021

Designer opposes the removal of ‘Harambee’ from the Kenyan Coat of Arms

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A proposal by Mr Charles Mangua to have the text ‘Harambee’ inscribed on the Kenyan Coat of Arms recieved renewed opposition from one Solomon Kiore, a furniture designer.

The designer who defended the design element said that art and design has strong background in its potrayal, and harambee is no different.

“They promote harmony and cohesion in society by marrying the society’s heritage, its present, and its future. Art and design articulate a society’s identity, and give it a sense of purpose, pride, hope, and direction,” Mr. Kiore’s submission to Parliament.

Mr. Kiore, who during the structuring of the new constitution defended the name ‘Harambee’ inscribe, which was still under fire for its apparently ‘suspicious’ origin, added that the word Harambee was a national emblem and is associated to good in the society.

Mr. Charles Mangua, who filed a request to have the name removed, argued that he had received a revelation from God that tragedy would strike if the word ‘Harambee’ is not removed and replaced with ‘Kenya’.

He claimed that God was not happy with the continued use of the word, and that Parliament should urgently review its usage.

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