Detectives Arrest Senior Official Over KCPE Rigging Allegations

    A KCPE examination official has been arrested for attempting to leak the recently concluded national examinations in Turkana County.

    Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Mohammed Maalim confirmed the incident on Friday, saying the official, a Centre manager, was apprehended after attempting to take photos of the examination papers and sharing them with a candidate in Nairobi.

    “In 8,343 centres it was only one centre where a manager attempted to take a picture of the English paper and was sending it to a candidate in Nairobi. We managed to move with speed and arrest the Centre manager who is currently held by DCI officers,” he said.

    The Regional Commissioner warned officials against engaging in examination malpractice, warning that those caught would face the full force of the law.

    “Mtu asijaribu kwenda upande huo na kudanganya katika mitihani kwa sababu hautaweza kufaulu,” he said.

    Speaking at the start of the KCSE examinations, Maalim assured of a smooth process free of irregularities, saying the government had increased security to prevent any malpractice.

    He also stated that certain schools in Nakuru County had been linked to KCSE irregularities. He did not, however, reveal the schools in question in order to avoid jeopardizing the investigations.

    “In the Rift Valley region, we have intelligence reports that there are some schools which may be plotting to indulge in exams irregularities. We are alert and every centre manager will be escorted by two police officers,” he said.

    “I will not mention the school so that we don’t interfere with the investigation… we are looking into the issue. Kama kuna Yule anajaribu ama ako na ndoto kama hiyo, tafadhali usidhubutu because you will be arrested, you will lose your job and will be a guest of the state,” he added.