Dozens Injured In South Gem By-Elections Chaos

Seven people were injured in a melee at Kambare and are being treated at the Bondo Referral Hospital in Siaya county.

During the South Gem by-election on Thursday, two political factions clashed.

Angry voters pelted a car with stones before it crashed into a ditch and caught fire.

The five occupants of the car, all of whom were supporters of ODM candidate Polycarp Wanga, escaped with broken limbs and bruises.

One of the frontrunners, independent candidate Brian Chieng’ Anyango, is from the Kambare polling station.

While confirming the incident, Gem sub-county police commander Charles Chacha stated that they restored peace and that voting went on as usual.

A section of Kambare voters had previously claimed that the ODM candidate’s elder brother, who is also the Kisumu city manager, had ferried goons to disrupt peaceful voting.

“I witnessed what happened today morning where two people were roughed up at Malele and Nyadet polling stations,” a man who identified himself as Achar said.

He claimed that Anyango was attacked near Odok Primary School by alleged ODM goons before fleeing to Vihiga county.

He stated that none of the goons are from South Gem but rather from Kisumu.

Bernard Ondego, a candidate for the Movement for Democracy and Growth, also claimed to have received threats from goons allegedly ferried into the villages by the ODM team.

“I was trailed by goons upto my home. I have reported to the police,” Ondego said.

Polycarp Wanga, on the other hand, stated that he had many visitors from outside the ward, some of whom had come to celebrate his victory.

Wanga spoke with a journalist outside the Ojwaya polling station.

“I have people from Mombasa. You can’t restrict someone from coming home to celebrate the election outcome,” he said.

Wanga described intruder claims as “kicks of a dying horse.”

He also said he doesn’t know who can be defined as a goon.

“I doubt know who a goon is. But maybe our goons have outsmarted their goons and so that is their cry,” Wanga said.

The subcounty police chief also stated that a 26-year-old man, Johanson Omondi Osogo, had been attacked by six men who were equipped with pangas and rungus in Aluor village over allegations of voter bribery.

“Osogo sustained back and wrist injuries following the attack by six men who were in a white pickup,” Chacha said in a statement.