DP Gachagua Calls For Crackdown On Illicit Liquor In Mt. Kenya

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has directed provincial administration officers to crack down on illegal liquor, describing alcoholism and drug abuse as a threat to the Mount Kenya region.

Gachagua called on county governments to regulate the issuance of licences for bars and pubs at the launch of Murang’a County’s bursary programme, saying illicit liquor abuse has reached alarming levels and threatens to wipe out a generation of youth, particularly in Central Kenya.

“We shall not accept a situation where youths are being killed or become unproductive because of consumption of illicit alcohol,” Gachagua said.

 “The administrators must eradicate alcoholism and drug abuse. The Ruto Administration will not negotiate on this unfortunate matter. All administrators must return to their jobs now as alcoholism is becoming a menace now and this situation must be dealt with decisively,” he added.

Gachagua also urged provincial administration officers not to get involved in politics and instead focus on containing the situation of illegal alcohol consumption and substance abuse.

“County commissioners and police have to swing into action and eradicate alcoholism,” he said.  

“The administrators were used by the former regime in campaigning for changes of the Constitution and Azimio. Their work is to assist the people not to participate in politics. Their work now includes driving tree planting programs.”

Governor Irungu Kang’ata, Senator Joe Nyutu, Woman Rep Betty Maina, and Maragua Mp Mary Wamaua were among those accompanying the Deputy President.

The leaders pledged their support for Gachagua’s efforts to rid the region of drugs.

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