Eala’s Victory Serves as a Warning Shot to Kenya Kwanza

Accounts from lawmakers expressed a sense of alienation for Central Kenya, as well as criticism of Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung'wah, the National Assembly's majority leader, for what some called arrogance. 

New information is emerging about the undercurrents, cash exchanges, and regional brinkmanship that led to the election of nine Kenyans to the East African Legislative Assembly on Thursday (Eala).

Accounts from lawmakers expressed a sense of alienation for Central Kenya, as well as criticism of Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah, the National Assembly’s majority leader, for what some called arrogance. 

And it appears that the Mt Kenya region is reveling in the “victory.”

Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga said yesterday that the results were a warning shot from Mt Kenya leaders to the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

When President William Ruto unveiled five party-backed regional assembly nominees on Wednesday, Central Kenya was not among the top contenders, but regional leaders vowed that it would be presented.

Following the conclusion of the Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting at State House, Mt Kenya leaders, feeling short-changed by their Rift Valley counterparts, decided to take a different path.

With the vote presenting an opportunity to further destabilize the Azimio team, especially if Parliament rejected Raila Odinga’s daughter, Winnie, and Kalonzo Musyoka’s son, Kennedy, at the expense of other candidates, the Central leaders agreed that they would reach out to Azimio lawmakers to support their own.

According to a Mt Kenya MP, the majority of them were dissatisfied and short-changed by Rift Valley MPs who chose not to support one of their own. 

Central parliamentarians, according to the lawmakers, were not prepared to see the region lose a slot.