Eldoret Man Jailed For Sending Vulgar Texts To His Ex

An Eldoret court has sentenced Fidel Ochieng to 3 years in prison or pay a fine of Sh100,000 for pleading guilty to sending abusive messages to his estranged wife, Sharon Bwonya.

The court proceedings revealed that Ochieng had used his mobile phone to send offensive messages to Sharon Bwonya during a period between July 10 and July 19 in Eldoret.

The prosecutor emphasized that the messages were not only directed at the complainant but also included vulgar content addressed to her parents.

The court clerk found the language used in these messages to be highly inappropriate and was embarrassed to read them aloud during the proceedings.

He explained that he had written the messages out of anger upon realizing that his wife, who he believed loved him deeply, had separated from him under the influence of her parents.

Despite his apology, Judge Barasa emphasized that the words used by Ochieng were disrespectful to both the complainant and her parents, making the offense all the more serious.

As part of the verdict, the accused has been given a 14-day window to file an appeal if he wishes to challenge the court’s decision.

This case serves as a reminder of the consequences that can follow abusive and harmful behavior, especially in the context of personal relationships.

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