Court Detains ‘Fake Lawyer’ Hired By Gold Scammer

Edwin Motari was arrested inside a Milimani Law Court following the concern of an advocate who sat next to him | PHOTO By Cyrus Kimanga
Written by Cyrus Kimanga  📝

There was drama in Milimani Law courts as Chief Magistrate Micheni Wendy ordered a probe into a suspicious man who appeared in court as an advocate to represent a suspect.

Edwin Motari was arrested inside a Milimani Law Court following the concern of an advocate who sat next to him during the proceedings of a case where he (Motari) stood to address the court as an advocate.

His colleague questioned his conduct in court stating that it is abnormal for a qualified advocate to make petty legal errors while prosecuting a case in court.

Mr. Motari stood to represent Abdoulaye Tamba Kouro who is facing a charge of being in possession of papers intended to resemble American currency. 

However, while addressing the court, he abruptly runs short of legal terms forcing the court to direct police officers to handcuff him and proceed to interrogate him to determine his qualifications.

Mr. Kouro was arrested on October 1, 2018 following information from members of the public that he was trading in forged USD.

As a result, flying squad officers together with police officers from spring valley police station raided his room in Sandalwood Apartment.

The said officers upon searching his house found a huge amount of fake foreign currencies in dollars and Euros.

During the search, USD 54,000 pieces amounting to Ksh 540m and 22,400 Euro pieces amounting to Ksh 420,120,000 were discovered. 

The said fake currencies were stored in a wooden-glass box which Mr. Kouro had made posing as a traditional doctor to deceive his clients that the box was a money-making machine.

He was initially arraigned in court on October 2, 2018 where he was released on a bond and later on chose to disappear in thin air.

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He was rearrested again and arraigned in court today where the court lifted his bond terms and directed the prosecution to detain him in custody until his case is determined.

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