Famous Lion ‘King Olope’ Killed In Masai Mara

Written By Mary Mumbua 📝

Famous Maasai Mara National Reserve famous Lion King Olope, was killed on Monday by a pride in a territorial fight.

He patrolled the Maasai Mara National Reserve’s grassland savannah, defending his territory and the Moniko, Fig Tree, and Porini prides.

He was attacked by brothers Olobor and Olpadan from the Black Rock pride, who mauled him to death.

King Olope, who was praised by big-cat fans for being fierce and handsome, now entrusts his pride to his brother, Olbarikoi.

Olope, according to Kathi Hammer, a veteran wildlife photographer, is a one-of-a-kind lion with unusual intensity, fierceness, and zeal.

“Olope the vehicle chaser, the king who grew magnificently each year. You left your mark in your brief reign of the Moniko Pride.

You will be greatly missed,” she eulogised the king.

During the fierce fight that led to his death, Olope is said to have fought hard singlehandedly, and Olpadan was left with life-threatening injuries.

Tourist Cristina Chang said she was yet to come to terms with the untimely death of the king of the jungle.

“I woke up to the shocking new sad news. I can’t believe how this happened. I hope it is not him,” she said.

According to the National Geographic (NatGeo) website, lions mark their territories with urine and patrol their territories to ward off intruders.

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