Fans Frustrated As Kit Delays Rock Clubs

Fewer than half of English Football and Premier League clubs have both their new home and away kits available to buy online ahead of the season, as manufacturers face supply chain issues. 

Only 44 out of 92 clubs currently have both their 2022-23 season kits on sale. 

Premier League clubs including Crystal Palace and Leeds United are among those who have neither kit available.

Some have blamed the delays on disruption and factory shutdowns in Asia due to Covid. 

It means some clubs won’t have their new kit on sale before the season starts, which for the Championship is 29 July, for League One and League Two is 30 July and for the Premier League is 5 August. 

One English Football League chief executive, who did not want to be named, told the BBC his club had signed off kit designs in October, with orders placed shortly afterwards, but neither their new home or away kit were available to sell yet due to Covid disruption at factories in Asia. 

He said it was difficult to quantify the cost to the club until it saw the impact on sales, but added that some clubs would face a financial hit. 

“We can manage our cash flow, but it will impact on some clubs’ cash flow, I’m sure, because July is a month when there’s not much cash coming into the business,” he said. 

“We’re in a position where that hasn’t caused any disasters for us. But for some clubs I would imagine it’s pretty difficult.”