Focus on football Golden hearts

  •  Marcus Rashford: Raised £20 million to help supply 3 million meals to children, launched a campaign to help the homeless. ⠀
  • Mohamed Salah: Built in his village nagrig a hospital, school, youth centre, ambulance unit, $450,000 water treatment plant, gave £2.5 million to Egyptian cancer centre. ⠀
  •  Didier Drogba: Stopped a 5-year civil war, built 5 hospitals in his country & spent millions helping the children of Africa. ⠀
  • Mesut Ozil: Donated WC winnings to fund surgery for 23 sick Brazilian children, with wife Amine, wedding gifts used to feed 100K homeless people at 16 refugee camps, paid for 1K children to have life-changing surgery. ⠀
  •  Sadio Mane: Built a school worth €270,000, a hospital & a stadium in his village Bambali, gives each family £70 monthly & provides free clothes to kids. ⠀
  • Lionel Messi: His foundation provides grants and subsidies that reach a total of 100 million euros a year to help fight childhood cancer. ⠀
  •  Kylian Mbappe: Donated his World Cup earnings + bonus ($550k) to a charity that helps to hospitalised children in sport. ⠀
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Donated £55,000 for brain surgery, donated his £89,000 bonus being named in the UEFA Team of the Year, sold his European Golden Boot at a charity auction – raising £1.2million to build schools in Gaza, donated £5MILLION to the Nepal Earthquake relief fund after 9,000 people were killed.