Kenyans fume at FKF, Nick Mwendwa for Harambee stars loss

Disgruntled football stakeholders have revisited the ended FKF elections terming them as inconsequential to the deteriorating Kenyan football.

The stakeholders led by former administrator Sam Nyamweya are not relenting in their denunciation of the exercise they term an illegality where incumbent Nick Mwendwa was overwhelmingly reelected by delegates

 In a statement signed by Nyamweya on behalf of Nicholas Musonye, Twaha Mbarak, Steve Mburu and Andrew Amukowa, the former FKF boss said it was the height of injustice for the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) to give green light to FKF to conduct the elections that were riddled with several flaws.

“A major dispute is simmering in the top tier league after the mandarins at Kandanda House reneged on their promise to allow the club’s playing in the FKF Premier League to run the league, instead FKF has proposed a committee of stooges and puppets to run the league,”

 “We support the independence of the premier leagues clubs running their own league independently without interference from FKF as FKF does not have capacity of running such a professional league.

The downward trend of the beautiful game in Kenya must be stopped and remedial action taken as a matter of urgency,’’ said Nyamweya.

Further, Nyamweya expressed pity with Harambee Stars performance in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier return match against Comoros, which they lost 2-1.

  He said it was disturbing for Kenyan football to sink to its lowest ebb by losing to a nondescript side like Comoros.

 “Comoros is ranked position 133, while Kenya is ranked position 107, 26 places lower than Kenya.

Comoros has a population of 800,000 the size of an average sized county in Kenya. It has a GDP per capita income of $1,362 while Kenya has a GDP per capita income of $3,668.”

Nyamweya argued: “We are therefore population wise 60 times more than Comoros, and economically approximately three times superior.

There is therefore no logical justification to lose to such a lowly ranked country. It is therefore a national disgrace for our national team to lose to Comoros.”