Forestry Experts Make Final Changes To FCMA Act

Written By Vanessa Kariuki || 

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry has hosted a workshop at a Naivasha hotel in cooperation with UNDP Kenya.

The agenda is to present, discuss, and approve rules and regulations under the Forest Conservation and Management Act (FCMA) 2016.

Charcoal regulations (2022), private forest rules (2022), gums and resins rules (2022), and community participation rules are being discussed by the legal team from the Attorney General’s office and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (2022).

Mr. Alfred Gichu, the Forest Conservation Secretary, urged the team to spend the time wisely and effectively and produce high-quality documentation during the ceremonial opening meeting.

In order to address the economic, environmental, and social demands of the present and future generations while taking other potential uses of the area into consideration, this Act aims to promote acknowledgment of the forest as a collective heritage and sustainable forest development.

There are many different types of forests, and they have an impact on the soil, the landform, and the climate. Each species of forest is distinct in its own right, and these forests work in harmony to fulfill a variety of socioeconomic, ecological, environmental, cultural, and spiritual roles.