Former Kiambu governor Kabogo defends the brutal murder of Flying Squad police officer

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo

Former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo has come out to defend the labelling of a police officer shot by police officers, as a thug.

In response to a query asked by former KTN journalist Shadique Shabaan, Kabogo swore that during his period where he worked with the officer, he was not a robber.

“Did rogue flying squad police officers in Ruaka take down a fellow constable police officer, Daniel Etyang, and an Uber driver, in a cold blood murder on Friday and labelled them dangerous thugs?” asked Shabaan

“The late Etyang was my assistant for four years, thereafter worked with the MD KEMSA. I can swear he was not a robber, that’s nonsense, cold-blooded murder. The killers should face the full force of the law,” Kabogo responded in a tweet.

It is alleged that the officer, attached to the lethal Flying Squad, was in the company of an Uber driver, when the police shot them while visiting a home alleged to be of some Nigerian occupants.

According to reports, the flying squad officer was shot 12 times, while the Uber driver was shot 5 times. Both succumbed to their injuries on the spot.