Garissa: Three Killed In Suspected Retaliation; Leaders Urge Calm

Three more people were killed last night in Galmagalla, Fafi Sub-county, in what is suspected to be a retaliatory attack on yesterday’s killing of six people in Bukureu area on the outskirts of Garissa town.

The attack comes amid calls by area leaders and North Eastern Regional Commissioner, John Otieno, for the two feuding clans to remain calm and allow the government to pursue the attackers and prosecute them. Already, a key suspect in the Bukureu attack has been arrested.

It is alleged that suspected armed militia from one community decided to attack residents of a neighbouring community in Galmagalla in retaliation to the killings of their kinsmen earlier in the day.

However, their mission was aborted after Kenya Police Reservists from Galmagalla responded to the attack and in the ensuing shootout, two bandits and a police reservist were killed.

Speaking to the press at Galmagalla town after condoling with the family of the slain reservist, Abdi Adow, Fafi MP Salah Yakub condemned the incident and called on security apparatus in the area to move with speed and arrest those behind the killings.

Salah claimed that the situation could easily get out of control and escalate into inter-clan clashes that could claim more lives.

“We are gathered here today to lay to rest one of our own who was killed as he tried to repulse the killers. This incident and many others that have occurred before should not have happened in the first place,” he noted.

“The reason why we have a government and security officers, for that matter, is to ensure that lives and property of citizens are protected. So when we have criminal elements having a field day killing people at will, then as leaders we have every reason to worry,” he added.

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Yakub welcomed the planned security meeting slated for Saturday that will bring together all stakeholders, saying it was long overdue.

“This is one meeting that should have happened long time ago. It is unfortunate that we had to wait until killings occurred. I hope and pray that we get to the root cause of these incidences and find a lasting solution,” the Legislator noted.

Briefing the press about yesterday’s killing of six people, the Regional Commissioner said that a meeting where elected officials, opinion leaders and clerics are expected will be held on Saturday in Garissa town.