Ford Kenya Candidate Steps Down For George Kithi

Tinga said he resolved to drop his bid in favor of Kithi because of his vision to transform Kilifi

Kilifi County Gubernatorial Candidate George Kithi’s campaigns have received a major boost today after Michael Tinga who was eyeing the same seat in a Ford Kenya Ticket dropped his bid in his favor.

Tinga made the declaration during a Pamoja African Alliance party (PAA) rally in Chanagande Chonyi area Kaloleni constituency of Kilifi County attended by Kithi, Christine Zawadi who is eyeing for the Kilifi Woman Rep, Ben Kai senatorial candidate, and Kaloleni parliamentary candidate Edward Saro.

In his speech Tinga said he resolved to drop his bid in favor of Kithi because of his vision to transform Kilifi and offer free education for all children of Kilifi once elected.

Tinga said Kithi was the preferred governor for Kilifi because he will also revive the collapsed cashew nut industry to create job opportunities and also transform the lives of people.

“That is his agenda and that is my agenda, for that reason when we get together we will work together and deliver,” he said.

Tinga said at the end of the day the People of Kilifi are going to choose one governor and that’s why he resolved to support Kithi.

He reminded the residents that just like ODM party leader Raila Odinga who said Kibaki Tosha he also was supporting Kithi’s ambition.

“On August 9 in the morning because may not come back again, even if he will not return due to the limited time remaining remember him and vote for him as the next governor,” he said.

Tinga said his people of Chonyi fully support the idea of him joining the PAA brigade and ensuring Kithi becomes the second governor of Kilifi.

On his part, Kithi said Tinga used to be his competitor together with the other candidates eying the seat in Kilifi but now together they are ready to for the same governor.

“We sat down and resolved that we unite to build Kilifi so team George Kithi and team Michael Tinga have come together to ensure that we deliver to the people of Kilifi,” he said.

Saro who is eying the Kaolole Parliamentary seat called on residents to vote for all PAA candidates in the county so as to ensure there is enough brigade to deliver in the county.

Kithi and Tinga will now battle for the seat with former Devolution CAS and ODM Gubernatorial candidate Gideon Mung’aro, UDA’s Aisha Jumwa, Alphonce Dzombo Mbaru of Safina Party, and Franco Esposito an Independent candidate.