Mung’aro Commits To Development Boom In Kilifi

"Unlike my opponents battling various legal suits, I have never been vindicated on any legal issues," he added.

Kilifi ODM gubernatorial candidate Gideon Mung’aro has promised to revamp the economic development of the region.

He said that can only be realised through heavily investing in cottage industry and tourism development to change the livelihood of the area.

Mr Mung’aro said Kilifi needed to focus on the beautification of its towns, put up industries and also focus on improving service delivery in all sectors to ensure those intending to do business in Kilifi receive a conducive environment.

He said this when he met leaders from the bodaboda sector who promised to support and vote for him come August ninth.

” I know the challenges you are going through. I have been a mayor in Malindi and my track record of development is very clear,” he said.

“I will make sure that the health and transport sectors are liberated to help you prosper,” he said.

Speaking in Malindi town, the former legislator and recently CAS for Devolution said he was determined to restructure the bodaboda sector by reviewing licencing, improving county askaris, police and bodaboda relationship to ensure their rights are protected.

He said his government will abolish the collection of rates and revenue through the use of county askaris but instead will employ sector players as agents within their business premises to avoid double dealings.

Mr Mung’aro said that he was also going to introduce a digital monitory system to all revenue collection areas through Mpesa to avoid cash handling by county officials.

“Unlike my opponents battling various legal suits, I have never been vindicated on any legal issues,” he added.

Mr Mung’aro urged the residents to be cautious and elect leaders who are ready to serve this county and not corrupt or leaders with some questionable records on integrity,” he said.

He promised to make sure that his administration achieve what Governor Kingi achieved in ten years at only three years in office.

Bodaboda operators led by its leaders John Randu Kombe and Ann Nzioki pledged their support for the candidate urging fellow constituents to vote for  Mr Mung’aro next week.

“We have faced many challenges including harassment from the county askaris, police and other many problems. However we are asking our members to make sure that  you go out in large numbers and vote,” said  Ms Nzioki

They asked Mr Mung’aro to ensure that he engages and considers them in his government once he takes power