Government: Register for Huduma Namba or be switched off

In a rather shocking move, the government has vowed to switch off mobile phone sim cards of users who will not have registered for Huduma Namba by the end of the 45 day deadline. Director  General  of the Communications Authority of Kenya, Francis  Wangusi, promised stern actions if Kenyans will not have registered.

Among other measures, non registered users will not be able to access crucial financial services such as M-Pesa and mobile linked bank accounts.

Francis Wangusi also added that data security is a priority in this operations and Kenyans should not fear, as the relevant authorities have put necessary measures to guard data.

Despite the court order making the application for Huduma Namba a voluntary excercise, it seems the government is darn serious about this project. The immigration Department also announced that as from May, no one will be able to apply for crucial services; passport and Visa applications, without being registered in the platform.