Gov’t Starts Campaign To Eradicate All Fake Agrochemicals From The Country

    Crop Production PS Harsama Kello, Speaking at an Agitech Seedlings Company-hosted agricultural expo in the Mwea sub-county, he said they were aware of a few fraudulent individuals who sold counterfeits chemicals to the public who weren’t paying attention.

    As a result, representatives from the Pest Control goods Board (PCPB) are currently touring various farms and agro vets across the nation to make sure the goods being marketed meet the required criteria.

    The PS said before any agrochemical is registered, it goes through a rigorous evaluation by PCPB for toxicology, ecotoxicology as well and environmental effects on humans and animals.

    “We are aware that some people are selling chemicals that have not been prescribed by the ministry, we have a unit called PCPB, which is mandated with the task of ensuring that standards are adhered to. They are visiting Agrovets and farms to ensure that the right chemicals are used. Also, they are ensuring that chemicals that are not fit for human health are removed,” he said.

    In order to ensure that counterfeit goods are taken off the market, Harsama urged farmers to inform the board if they believe they have been sold fraudulent goods.

    Farmers were introduced to best practises, suitable seedlings, varieties, and agri-financing alternatives at the Expo.

    The PS took use of the occasion to outline government initiatives and plans for the agriculture industry, noting that such gatherings will assist determine the most effective method for carrying out the government’s programme.

    On the occasion, he also gave rice farmers assurances that the pesticides used to get rid of the invasive apple snails were adequately stocked and wouldn’t run out very soon.

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    Harsama also asked farmers to sign up in big numbers for the subsidised fertilisers programme, noting that the national government was collaborating closely with counties to ensure that there were more stockpiles for manure available in each sub-county.

    “Accessing cereals boards has been a challenge, but we have received direction from the president to open stores in every ward for ease of accessibility, we will be working with county governments towards this endeavour,” he reiterated.