Great Innovation Challenge Finalist

The challenge ended yesterday, with the top ten five winners been announced. The guest of honor was UK High Commissioner to Kenya, Jane Marriott, and PS Jerome Ochieng. The challenge was a partnership of Country Hub, UK Hub, Huwaei, Microsoft, Oracle, and several other organizations.

316 participants applied in the whole country. The selection process was competitive, with only 40 being selected for the hackathon. After a live 48hours hackathon, the top ten were selected and they pitched on the judges. Winners were announced on Tuesday in a colorful event online.

The top four teams got technical financial support to work on their project to suit customer needs. StartupSuite lead the competition and got half a million, Zinake and GardenFresh followed with a 400,000 and 300,000 package respectively, but what stands out was Ohospital which was fouth who won 200,000.

Ohospital is a platform connecting health providers with the patient at the comfort of their homes. I got a chance to interview the founder, He says they have the vision to bring health care in the hand of everyone and ensure equality and accessibility. He hopes to help the patient with Pre-condition health issues access health and help the doctors manage them anywhere and anytime.

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