IEBC Commissioner Francis Wanderi Resigns

    Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) commissioner Francis Wanderi has resigned.

    His resignation comes days after IEBC Vice Chairperson Juliana Cherera and Commissioner Justice Nyang’aya resigned from their positions.

    In a letter to President William Ruto, Wanderi says his resignation has been necessitated by undue and unwarranted public lynching which he says is based on falsified information.

    “This decision, while extremely difficult and agonising for myself and my family, has been necessitated by undue and unwarranted public lynching based on falsified information tainting my reputation and integrity,” he said.

    “As I tender my resignation today, I do so not because I am guilty of the allegations levelled against me by the petitioners, but because there comes a time when the country is more important than any individual, including my own aspirations as a Kenyan to see our democratic process mirror those of advanced democracies,” Wanderi said on Thursday, December 8.

    Wanderi says that he remains hopeful that the rule of law as envisaged in the Constitution will continue to safeguard all Kenyans.

    The three commissioners’ resignation followed a move by President William Ruto to suspend them from the Commission.

    A tribunal formed by the President is investigating their conduct following their decision to dispute Ruto’s presidential win.