Win For Raila As Court Okays Use Of Manual Register

The IEBC’s decision to hold the general elections on August 9th without using the manual voter registration has been overturned by the High Court.

The IEBC’s judgment, according to Justice Mugure Thande, is unlawful and will probably prevent the majority of voters from voting.

The decision of the IEBC via a letter dated June 10, 2022 declaring that the first respondent shall not use the manual register voter in the general elections on Tuesday, June 9, 2022 is illegal, and the said decision is hereby invalidated, was declared unlawful by the court.

Additionally, the IEBC has been instructed to take all necessary actions to guarantee that the petitioners’ and citizens’ constitutional rights are upheld.

In a similar vein, the court ordered the commission to make sure that administrative measures are taken to ensure that no qualified citizen’s right to vote in elections is denied.

Thande asserted that the commission’s justifications for believing that the printed version might have been altered are insufficient and that the decision was hasty given that technology is likewise susceptible to manipulation.

The court seemed perplexed as to what would happen in a situation the KIEMS Kits breaks down “What will occur if the KIEMs kit malfunctions?” Posed the court.

The judge referred to it as dangerous and added that it might also affect a voter’s eligibility.