Indian Police Return Ksh 2.2M Left in Cab by Two Kenyan Women

    Two Kenyan women who inadvertently left behind 15 lakh (Ksh 2.2 million) in cash in a cab in Colaba got the money back thanks to quick action by Mumbai police.

    According to the Hindustan Times, Deka Mohammed Aziz, 43, and Hodan Jemak Murassai, 43, both Kenyan nationals, went shopping in Colaba.

    According to police, the two were staying in a hotel in Masjid Bunder.

    According to a Colaba police station official, both women were in south Mumbai, India, on business and unintentionally left the money in the cab they were traveling in.

    As soon as the women exited the cab and realized they had forgotten the bag containing the cash in the car, they went to the police station and reported the incident.

    Using CCTV footage, the police were able to locate the car’s driver in the Kalbadevi neighborhood and recover the cash-filled bag, which was then returned to the women.

    According to the police, the two women regularly purchase clothing from India to resell in Kenya.

    The Kenyans thanked the police for locating and returning their money.

    The Mumbai Police Commissioner, Vivek Phansalkar, has announced a reward for the police team’s prompt action.