Indonesia: 20 Pupils Killed After Earthquake Struck A School

Twenty children were killed when one school collapsed during an earthquake in West Java, Indonesia, their teacher has said.

The 5.6 magnitude quake hit the town of Cianjur on Monday killing more than 270 people, with aftershocks still being felt days later.

Many children are among the victims – with about 80 schools in the area affected, officials said.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency said on Tuesday that 22,000 houses had been damaged, and that more than 58,000 people had taken shelter in several locations in the region.

Victims were crushed or trapped after walls and roofs caved in.

A representative of the National Search and Rescue Agency also confirmed that many of the dead were young people.

“Most of the casualties are children because at 1pm, they were still at school,” said Henri Alfiandi.