Inter-Faith council announces new COVID-19 church regulations

Catholic Mass in a local church in Kenya. Credit: Adriana Mahdalova/Shutterstock

The interfaith council response to the coronavirus pandemic has unveiled new rules to be observed during worship.

Archbishop Anthony Muheria announced that the Phase One guidelines, scheduled to begin on Tuesday 18th, 2020 will see the time allocated for worship increased to 90 minutes.

Archbishop Antony Muheria confirmed that the council had visited all 47 counties, in order to review compliance with the laid out guidelines.

“We have reviewed the level of compliance, and we are convinced that we can follow all requirements,” he said.

He also announced that congregants between the age of 6-65 years will be allowed to take part in worship.

“We however urge all elderly, sick, and other conditions to worship at home,” the Bishop said.

Muheria added that regulations on crowds at funerals increased from 15 to 100 but only 15 will be allowed at gravesites.

Sharing food during funerals remains halted and the ceremony should take only one hour.

The lifting of regulations comes amid Kenya’s 423 deaths from Covid-19, and positive cases inching closer to the 30,000 marks.