Interior CS Kindiki Warns Illicit Liquor Sellers, Child Molesters During Festive Season

    Prof. Kithure Kindiki, Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS), has vowed to crack down on the sale of illegal alcohol and sexual abuse targeting children during the festive season.

    Speaking at the launch of the State’s Road Safety Initiative for the December holidays on Tuesday, CS Kindiki decried increased sales of illicit and adulterated alcohol by vendors attempting to profit from the high demand typically seen during this period.

    According to the CS, the sale of illegal brews is a crime, and those found guilty of doing so will face legal consequences.

    “It is during this time of the year that many of our citizens go into merry-making and I want to highlight two issues that we are very concerned about and we will be very vigilant to ensure that we reign on these two issues which are related to the season we are getting into,” said the CS.

    “The first; indulgence in alcohol. While the drinking of alcohol is not illegal, we are aware many unscrupulous vendors of alcohol, use this opportunity to make profits by selling adulterated, illicit and dangerous drinks. We want to serve notice on the profiteers who have consistently prayed on the merry-making season to sell dangerous drinks and illicit drinks that we will be on your case.”

    The CS also expressed concern about rising cases of child abuse, stating that his Ministry will work closely with National Government Administration Officers (NGAOs) across the 47 counties to identify child predators and bring them to justice before they harm innocent children.

    “I have directed all  the NGAOs and nyumba kumi officials to go out of their way to make sure that during this season we do not have our children abused through sexual exploitation and through exposure to alcohol and drugs,” said Kindiki.

    He went on to say that law enforcement agencies under his Ministry will not tolerate drunk driving on Kenyan roads during the holiday season, echoing a previous statement made by Roads CS Kipchumba Murkomen.

    “The government takes road safety and enforcement of the law collectively. Drink and drive at your own peril,” he said.