Iran Women Torch Hijabs, As Protests Turn Fatal

Chaotic scenes have erupted across Iran as protesters fight back against cops while others turn buildings and cars into fireballs.

The country’s Revolutionary Guard has chillingly vowed to unleash a “decisive” crackdown on rioters as protests flare up nationwide over strict hijab laws.

One dramatic clip shows rioters forcing back an armoured police truck in the city of Amol, while other footage shows a group fighting back against cops who turned up to break up a march.

It comes as public outrage over the death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the country’s morality police turns into a bloodbath with around 26 people killed in violent riots.

Mahsa, 22, was was beaten to death by the morality police after being arrested in the capital Tehran for not complying with the harsh rules.

She was allegedly detained for having some hair visible under her headscarf – which Iranian women are legally required to wear.

Protests were sparked nationwide following her death as thousands of fed-up citizens rally against the strict laws.

Female protestors have burned hijabs in the street and many people have been injured.

Amid the widespread scenes of unrest, authorities have cut off access to WhatsApp and Instagram in a bid to stop footage of protests from being shared.

Meanwhile, the country’s Revolutionary Guard is preparing to clamp down on rioters.

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