Java Restaurant unveils third brand Kukito, set to shake fast food industry

Kiukito Restaurant located at Kimathi Street | PHOTO COURTESY

The Java restaurant has unveiled a new fast food joint, Kukito.

Serving mainly grilled chicken and other fast food menus, Kukito will face an uphill task of dominating the market share currently dominated by Chicken Inn and KFC food chains which both serve deep fried chicken.

“Our chicken, prepared in a very special way, will be a healthier alternative to deep-fried chicken. We are bringing good old grilled chicken, with a twist, stacked with a lot of local and traditional Kenyan flavor. “Kuku choma at its finest,” said Java chief executive, Paul Smith.

Currently Java operates 3 brands; Planet Yogurt, 360 Degrees Pizza and now Kukito.

Talks are underway to finalize three more Kukito outlets within Nairobi. The restaurant opens officially on October 8th at 2 Pm